Drumeo is an online community and educational resource for drummers. They have almost 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel with over 97 million total video views. Some of their videos receive over 1,000 comments and over 1 million views.

Drumeo didn’t do this with sleazy marketing tricks or buying subscribers on Fiverr. They did it by organically building a community from the ground up.

Jared Falk of Drumeo is going to explain steps that they took to grow their community and attract the likes of drummers that have performed with Prince, Jay Z, Aretha Franklin and more to teach on their YouTube channel.


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Jared’s Background

  • “Wheeling and dealing hockey cards online”
  • Four months of touring and gigs
  • Where does the name come from?

What Drumeo Does

  • One new drum lesson every day
  • YouTube is a main acquisition channel


  • “You’re getting pretty close to 500k subscribers.”
  • How did you get subscribers in the beginning?
  • Keyword Research – “We went longer tail.”

How Drumeo Gets Guests

  • “We started by asking them.”
  • We need to provide value in return (exposure and a fee)
  • “If you provide someone with a lot of value, they’ll spread the word for you.”


  • Deposit/Withdrawal

Advice to New YouTube Publishers

  • Learn how to write captivating titles – “It sells the viewer on the click.”
  • Thumbnail needs to represent the video

Viewer Retention

  • “Our average view rate is above five minutes.” (YouTube)
  • “What did you like best about the lesson?” (comment contest)
  • “We’re at 97 million views on our channel.”
  • Where are people dropping off while watching your videos? (audience retention data)
  • Look at stats on other publishers’ videos

Facebook Video

  • “Facebook video is huge.”
  • “We don’t upload long videos to Facebook.”
  • The user intent is different on Facebook vs YouTube

Social Media

  • “I’d listen on social and try to find out how you can add value.”
  • “95% of what I share is value based.” (not asking for something)
  • “Being on social is like trying to advertise at a party. ┬áIf you’re at a ‘party,’ try to get to know people.


  • “Testimonials are there to answer any objections potential customers may have.”


  • Go to festivals
  • Roots in the community

Being an Entrepreneur

  • “What is my unique ability?”
  • “I like change.”
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