Chances are, you’re looking for NEW ways to drive quality traffic to your site, business or blog. But it can be tough to know what direction to take or what new channel to try.

Today, Rick Mulready is going to teach you all about Facebook VIDEO ads – and how they can hold great opportunity for you to drive low cost targeted traffic. He’ll clearly walk you through what you need to know to get started experimenting!

Rick Mulready is a consultant, trainer, speaker and also a Podcaster! His background is in corporate America, where he even worked for the show Funny Or Die, before moving on from his 6-figure job to start his own business in 2012.

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People / Companies


“I come from a corporate background.”

  • Worked at Yahoo
  • Recruited to work for Funny or Die
  • “I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug in 2010.”

Facebook Ads

  • “I started creating ads for friends.”
  • Boost a post
  • Are ads for ‘anybody’?
  • “What is your goal?” You got to have a clear objective.
  • Types of ads (standard, video, carousel, etc)
  • “100 million hours of video are being consumed on Facebook every day.”
  • “Let Facebook’s algorithm do the work for you.”
  • Facebook can now transcribe your video ads
  • “You always want consistency between an ad and landing page.”
  • Facebook pixels


  • Rick’s former and current podcast
  • “I have no audio background whatsoever.”
  • Asking for Reviews
  • Getting (high profile) guests
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