It’s true that there’s a LOT of misinformation out there about Analytics. It can be hard to dig through all the content out there for the right path to take.

Thankfully, we have a true expert on the show today. Annie Cushing has spent over 10 years mastering, practicing and teaching analytics. In this episode she distills down her expertise into easy explanations – so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours wondering what direction to take.

For example, Annie will teach you the exact way to tag your paid social media ads (hint: don’t use ‘cpc’!), and where to go to easily set up simple dashboards that will give you more time to actually do marketing (and impress your boss).

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Basics of Analytics

  • Purpose
  • Setting-up an account
  • Track what’s most important (to you)
  • ‘Keeping the puppy inside the box’
  • Mistakes


  • ‘The data comes to you’
  • Customization
  • Should everyone have a dashboard?
  • How intimidating is learning to set-up/use a dashboard and related tools?

Referral Spam

  • Is there a solution?


  • Use them for clients?
  • Too many screenshots or too many words

Campaign Tagging

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