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Whether you need to remediate a link penalty, or you just want to be informed about the state of links in Google for 2016 – this show is for you! Sha Menz is a top expert on link based penalties in Google. She really breaks things down for us – some of the topics include doorway pages, site variants in Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and how to tell a good link from a bad link.

Tune in to get up to date on backlink profiles in 2016!

Note: the Skype connection is a little funny at times, but I’ve edited it, and everything is audible despite being a little fuzzy at a few points.

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Show Topics

Doorway Pages

  • Remediated Doorway Pages
  • How to discover them


  • The end user comes first

Google Penalty Box

  • Register all site variants

Link Profiles

  • Evaluating and misconceptions
  • Tools
  • Exchanging products for links
  • Definition of a good link

The Phantom Update – Does it really exist?

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