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Anuj Adhiya is the Director of Engagement & Analytics on the Growth team at  – he talks about the metrics they actually use to measure their growth on their community website. You’ll learn what most people misunderstand about the term “growth hacking”. Learn why they do NOT have notifications for link up-votes. He also reveals the challenges faces right now, the tools GrowthHackers use to track their metrics – and the moral responsibility we have when marketing. And we chat about how ANY site owner can come up with a specific, measurable metric for growth. And – what is the HOOK model?

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Anuj’s Background

What is a Growth Hacker?

  • Sustainability

Retention Week One

Metrics vs KPIs (So what?)

Reverse Engineer Business Process

The Hook Model

  • Create a habit

Using Skype for Community Building

Challenges for GrowthHackers

Future of Growth Hacking

Hacking a Podcast

Controlling the Situation

  • Learned humility
  • Empty your cup
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