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If you’re a local or small business owner (or helping one with marketing), you’re going to learn a TON in this episode with local SEO expert Phil Rozek. He’ll teach you about local listings (“NAP listings”), Yelp Reviews, getting rid of bad Yelp reviews, blogging and local SEO link building. He’ll even share his advise for how to choose a local SEO vender and what tragic mistakes to avoid!

Phil has been practicing local SEO for over 7 years and can be found at

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Who Needs Local SEO

  • not just for online businesses
  • brand name searches and reviews

Local Citations

  • what they are
  • point of diminishing return
  • resources to use


  • nudging vs asking for a review
  • can an SEO help with reviews
  • responding to reviews
  • what to do about a negative review

Local Marketing

  • dummy links
  • blogging
  • social media

Hiring a Local SEO

  • you need them more than they need you
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