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Ross Simmonds explains how to get massive exposure and leads with SlideShare. Ross has personally generated over 1 million views on his SlideShare content. He also discusses content curation tactics, Snapchat and Anchor.

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Now for episode 4

Links Mentioned


Discussion Topics

Ross’ Background

  • doo rags
  • fantasy football
  • started agency

Bragging Rights

  • slideshare
  • hustle and grind
  • freelance

Presentation Slides

  • any person can use Slideshare
  • Slideshare → LinkedIn
  • Slideshare optimization
  • repurposing content
  • distribution

Facebook Targeting

Content Curation

  • Netflix
  • business/company accounts
  • Zuckerberg’s Law

Passive Consumption

  • Anchor


  • what to post
  • how to get followers
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