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Episode 002 Guest – AJ Kohn

Summary / Dan’s Notes

If you care at all about SEO in the modern age, you definitely want to tune in to this episode. AJ is a true expert, helping such clients as Pinterest and Airbnb with their SEO.

You can find AJ on Twitter and his excellent SEO blog Blind Five Year Old.

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Links Mentioned

People Mentioned

Topics Discussed

AJ’s Background

Right Brain/Left Brain

  • detail vs big picture
  • 5-foot web design
  • David Ogilvy
  • cognitive fluency

Creating Obstacles

  • content strategy/content marketing
  • technical obstacles/mistakes
  • crawl optimization

SEO Keywords

  • active/passive intent
  • query classes
  • measured metrics
  • building/earning links

Ranking Factors

  • user metrics
  • on-page seo
  • schema


  • formatting & consistency
  • hashtagging
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