Myriam Jessier

It’s hard to convey the huge variety of topics we covered in this action-packed episode with just a 60-character title!

Myriam Jessier is an SEO Trainer, SEO Consultant, and co-owner of PRAGM, a technical marketing agency. She speaks three languages and has been doing SEO for over 15 years.

I had a blast talking with her, and I learned a lot listening back to this conversation – this was my longest episode ever clocking in at almost 2 hours! But it will fly…¬†

Topics In This Episode Include:

  • Breaking through the “curse of knowledge” in SEO
  • Understanding the psychology and emotions of searchers
  • The weaknesses of keyword intent analysis at scale
  • Why PageSpeed Insights may not realize you’ve already compressed your images
  • Working with developers¬†
  • Understanding “Graceful degradation”¬†
  • Applying Librarian Skills to SEO
  • A GeoIP Redirects Rant
  • Algorithmic Biases, Gendered Language, and Keyword Research
  • The parallels between furniture design and SEO
  • Tips for working in SEO with ADHD
  • And lots more!

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