I truly believe in the power of cross-discipline learning.

That’s exactly why I brought a growth consultant on the show – to learn valuable insights from a different marketing field. (Despite a few surface similarities between SEO and Growth Hacking, when you dig in, they really are two different animals).

This episode is for anyone who wants to gain perspective and marketing ideas from the world of growth hacking – no matter your “lane” – SEO, PPC, Email, CRO.

Tiffany and I sat down (virtually over Skype) to chat about Growth Hacking. This interview plays a bit more like a conversation in a coffee shop (maybe because she was in a coffee shop – apologies for some of the background noise *ahem* ambiance  – since this episode was recorded, I have greatly updated our recording setup – so you can look forward to much better quality in the future!)

Anyway, enjoy being a fly on the wall while Tiffany shares:

  • Her definition of Growth Hacking (the best I have personally ever heard – where I said “OK, this makes sense now”).
  • One small PPC campaign change that resulted in a 50% YoY increase in leads.
  • What CSI has to do with CRO.
  • And tons more – we start with a story of making $5,000 in affiliate revenue … at age 10.

Enjoy 🙂

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9 Year-Old Optimizer?

  • “It became this awesome site that made a ton of money from men.”

Tech Woman Canada

  • “I got to sit down with investors and ask questions.”

Asking Questions

  • “You can’t be afraid to ask questions and keep learning.”

Growth Consulting

  • “I’m kind of making it up as I go along…”
  • “I take all things in project form.”
  • When should a company hire a growth consultant/hacker?

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Brainstorming Tips

  • Just ask
  • Hotjar
  • 4 Types of users

CSI and CRO?

Thinking in Opposites

  • Thinking numbers vs thinking ideas

5 Second Test

Is Conversion Rate Really a “Rate”?


Setting Quarterly Goals

It’s Not an SEO Thing

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  • May 5, 2017 Reply


    Thanks for the show,

    Hotjar was a good find, I never thought about telling people what am not. Will check out the Unthinkable podcast well.

    • May 5, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Yes I have to try HotJar myself! Unthinkable is good (just very different than Experts) 🙂

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