A lot of us “do” SEO, Inbound Marketing or content creation, but it’s essential we know about everything going on in the digital space. (You may have heard this referred to as being a T Shaped Marketer).

And … the NY Times JUST announced their purchase of Wirecutter – which is a site built on Affiliate Revenue (NOT ads). My feeling is that affiliate marketing is a revenue channel we all need to take seriously as bigger publications mature to look for revenue sources beyond advertising.

By listening to this show, you’ll feel up to date on what’s going on the world of Affiliate Marketing, and maybe see some ways you can incorporate it into your marketing.

Today’s guest is Priest Willis – an expert in the Affiliate Marketing space – in fact he’s managed $100 million dollars of Affiliate Revenue for companies like Lenovo.

We cover many topics including: how to be a guest on a podcast, what content creators can learn from affiliate marketers, how to find affiliates for your brand, why affiliates like to ‘cloak’ their links – and I confess to a domain name that I own.


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Being a guest on podcasts

  • “You have to be genuine with your message.”
  • Don’t reach out to people you don’t know about.”
  • “Act accordingly when you’re a guest on someone’s show and provide value.”

What is good affiliate marketing?

  • “It starts with the fundamentals.”
  • Coupons, niche sites, and influencers
  • Super affiliates
  • “It’s harder to leverage search these days for affiliate success.”

Spotting trends

  • “Finding opportunity comes naturally when you’re genuinely interested.”
  • “Be aware of what people are talking about.”

Cloaking affiliate links

  • “A lot of affiliates didn’t want peers to know what they were doing.”

Importance of trust

  • “The core of affiliate marketing is relationship based.”

Content creation

  • “You can be transparent about being an affiliate and make it work.”

Why host an affiliate program?

  • Affiliate managers helping with quality control
  • “You have to have a team.”

“We stick with what we do best.”

Podcasting equipment

  • “People were getting paralyzed thinking about equipment.”
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  • February 26, 2017 Reply


    Affiliate marketing is not dead.

    Google alerts is a great tip.

    Thanks for the show.

    • February 27, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Definitely not dead at all!

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