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For a long time, Public Relations has been this “mysterious” activity reserved for high-profile PR companies or shady press releases. Of course some PR companies are really good at what they do (I’ve worked alongside of a few). But the truth is, YOU can take charge of many “PR” activities yourself.

Enter Dmitry Dragilev, who has for example helped Polar go from 0 to 40+ Million pagesviews (his article about it on The Next Web has been shared over 3,500 times and has 55+ comments). Polar was eventually acquired by Google.

Dmitry is a true PR expert and has trained hundreds on how to do their own PR. In our conversation, he shares dozens of tips and tactics to help you take control of your PR. I learned a ton of things myself!

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Dmitry’s Background

Using Polls to Go from 0-40 Million Views

Mistakes Contacting Journalists

  • Would you say that to their face?

Advantage of Using PR Firms

Disadvantage of Using PR Firms

PR is Now B2C

Finding a Common Point of Interest

Pitch by Email

The Buzzword is…Empathy

  • It Sucks to Be a Reporter
  • How Can You Improve Their Lives?
  • Keep Providing Value
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