Does humor sell? Well sure, think back so campaigns like the classic VW ads to Dollar Shave Club. Humor definitely works when done right. In this episode Amy Harrison will teach you how to incorporate more humor into your marketing. She’ll also give you ways to improve your copywriting – with techniques such as using contrast, and watching out for umbrella terms.

This episode is definitely for anyone looking to make their marketing material more compelling.

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Amy’s Day-to-Day

Amy TV?

  • The ‘Sesame Street’ of Content Marketing


  • Contrast
  • Tips to establish contrast
  • Comparative value
  • “People will invest in change”

Umbrella Terms

  • “But what do you do?”
  • Qualify your slogan/marketing language

Advice to Marketers

  • Show examples
  • Experiment with the medium and message
  • Get to know your audience

Humor in Content

  • Don’t force it – find your style of humor
  • Benefits of humor
  • “You don’t want to undermine what YOU do”

Naming Products

  • Drawing parallels
  • Splicing two words

Venturing Outside Your Industry

  • Does it overlap with your target market?
  • Guest posting

Measuring Success of Content Marketing

  • Gauge via number of email subscribers


  • May 5, 2016 Reply


    Hey Dan – thanks for having me on the show, it was great fun! Looked up Mike Birbiglia since we spoke – new comedic hero, so thanks!

    Oh – and the ‘Tim’ whose name I couldn’t remember who did the B2B comedy was Tim Washer of Cisco. His stuff is brilliant.

    • May 5, 2016 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Awesome! Yeah Mike is great, my wife and I are seeing him live in NYC this weekend 🙂

      Adding Tim to the show notes now!

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