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I am very excited to officially announce “Experts On The Wire”, our new Digital Marketing Podcast. Our mission is to bring expert digital marketing information to fellow marketers, business owners, startup founders, entrepreneurs and the like. Most episodes will feature me interviewing an expert from any digital marketing field – such as SEO, content marketing, social media, PR, analytics, etc.

This Podcast been a solid three months in the works of planning, recording, editing and preparation. This is no spur-of-the-moment Podcast that’ll have a 10 episode run and fizzle out (we’ve actually already recorded about 10 episodes, with more in the queue). With many episodes recorded and being edited already, this allows for a comfortable buffer to bring you new episodes at a consistent pace.

I want to thank my two team members here – Sarah (my wife) and Anthony Pensabene. Without them, this Podcast would not be happening. Sarah has played an invaluable role in keeping the business side of things running here at Evolving SEO, while I get to play with marketing stuff 🙂 And  while Anthony mainly works on client accounts, he has facilitated the research of guests, questions, and show notes.

Join me in the very first episode – a short 10 minute audio introduction to “Experts On The Wire” – where I announce the first three guests and a contest.

UPDATE: After doing over 50 episodes, I re-did the introduction. It’s much better now 🙂

Experts On The Wire – FAQ’s

How Often Will Episodes Be Published?

Twice a week! Every Wednesday and Friday.

Once per week. Usually. Probably Tuesdays.

When Will The First “Real” Episode Post?

Tomorrow! March 16th, 2016.

How Long Will They Be?

Usually in the 45-60 minute range, with some a little shorter.

Some episodes have been as short as 30 mins, but we’ve been trying some long-form 90 minute shows lately. With good feedback.

Can We Subscribe on iTunes etc?

Yes! Shortly after this first episode is published, our feeds will be submitted and available via iTunes etc. Please check back or follow me on Twitter for those announcements.

Our feeds are now live across all the major Podcast feeds. Listen and subscribe on iTunes or you can find us on Stitcher, etc.

Can We Suggest A Guest?

Suggestions are welcome, but ultimately being a guest on Experts will be invite only.

What Does The Name Mean?

Listen to the introduction 🙂

Can I Tell My Colleagues And Friends About This Podcast?

No. Don’t tell anyone. Just kidding, OF COURSE – please share this show with anyone whom you think would enjoy it. The best thing to share is this post, which will introduce new listeners to the show.

Who Is This Podcast For?

This Podcast is for not only marketers, but business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders – anyone that can benefit from having knowledge of digital marketing. I passionately believe as a business owner, you need to educate yourself to make proper business decisions – who to hire, what direction to go in, what channels to pursue. So this show will not only help marketers market better – but help others have an understanding of the current digital landscape.

Will Episodes Have Links & Show Notes?

Yes! Every episode will have links to everything mentioned, as well as show notes indicating topics. So you can enjoy the show from anywhere – the car, gym, walking the dog – and find all the resources in one place later.

Why A Podcast?

Anthony and I here have been discussing the idea of having some sort of show – for a variety of reasons:

  • To exemplify the type of “real marketing behavior” we are recommending – begging – many of our clients to pursue.
  • To provide value to the marketing community and business communities as a whole.
  • To bring forth experts – and those that are not always put “on a pedestal” and give them a platform to share their expertise.
  • To have fun. I truly think if you align fun+value you can bring great results.

Also – personally – I have been…. uninspired to do a lot of “blogging” and content in the written form. I love doing it, but find it sometimes arduous, and not my best medium.

However – I find speaking particularly fun, comfortable, and “easy”. I love the audio platform in general – having been a musician and heavy Podcast listener myself.

Can I Leave A Review?

Please do! Reviews will help us get discovered in iTunes. I’ll link up to iTunes once the feed is live!

Feedback of any kind is always welcome.


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