The Ultimate List Of Rank Trackers & My Top Pick

Last Update: May 31, 2017 by Dan Shure. Are you experiencing the same headaches I was trying to find rank tracking software? There are some tools that work great at certain tasks but terrible at others. I regularly do heavy keyword research (1000’s and 1000’s of keywords) for clients. So I need something that can

Ifttt Ideas & Review

Yesterday Rand Tweeted This Well…. OK! I’ll take a stab at it. This is literally my 60 minute assessment of Ifttt. I know I could go into more detail, and ideas will likely develop as I begin using it, but hey, I just set up an account last night ūüôā Let’s go! What is Ifttt?

How I Judge Local SEO Opportunity In 7 Steps & Screencast

SEO is so overlooked, under-appreciated and misunderstood by local business owners. That’s been quite evident to me lately, as I’ve been sitting in on some local BNI meetings. If you don’t know, BNI is basically¬†a non-competing referral network. Local business owners gather once a week to pitch their services, get/give referrals and help each other

6 Related Search Operator Tips & Google Doc Tool

UPDATE: 12/14/11 8:00am EST I have fixed a bug in the Google Doc that was returning the API data one row off, please if you have used it prior to now, thanks!! – – – – – So I’ve been playing around with the related: search operator. Not many folks talk about it, but DAMN

Lest Thy Best Quest of Keyword Suggest be in Jest Unless Thy Invest Zest in an Uberfest of Ubersuggest

Keyword Research With Ubersuggest and ImportXML Thanks to¬†Richard Baxter¬†– oh, whoops, Wrong Richard Baxter… (ahem)… Thanks to¬†Richard Baxter… uhhhh… wrong again… here we go….¬†Thanks to Richard Baxter,¬†I was recently turned on to Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a powerful keyword research tool¬†that allows you to extract all the the “Google Suggest” searches that show up automatically, as

Interview with Matthew Egan of Image Freedom

Few weeks ago I cam across Matthew Egan and his SEO company Image Freedom on Twitter. Image Freedom is a 6 person SEO team from San Antonio, Texas. Matt and Image Freedom definitely raise the bar as it goes for the perception of the SEO industry. With an emphasis on ROI, results-driven SEO I knew

The Schizophrenic Local SERP & Import XML Screencast

Interview With John Doherty of Distilled

About a week ago I had the pleasure of interviewing John Doherty of Distilled. The night I hung out with a bunch of SEOs in New York, I never actually got to chat with him, so I called him up and recorded it. He told me all about his background, working for Distilled, some tools

Whoops, Where’d My Traffic Go?

Rankings=Traffic: A False Dichotomy So many SEO conversations are centered on what I find to be a ranking-traffic dichotomy. The conversation usually goes like this: “Oh no, I lost traffic, what do I do?!” “Your rankings must have dropped, check your rankings!” “Did we get a penalty?” “Umm… Did Joe remove the 1,000 words of