Today’s episode I think is an important one for anyone who’s a part of, or interested in, the SEO industry. Whether you’re an actual practitioner, maybe newer to the space, or just following along and love SEO – you’ll probably get something out of this discussion.

I wanted to talk with Barry and get more details around things a lot of people are curious about…

For one, he’s known for being very prolific, publishing up to 5+ articles per day, following the SEO news, sharing things via Twitter, engaging with the community … AND running a company full time (that has nothing to do with SEO).

And I wanted to get his take on the state of Google right and now, and where things might be going. Barry is often the one reporting news — but I wanted to give him the spotlight and learn more about someone who is truly invaluable in this industry.

Some of the many things covered:

  • Barry reacts to his very first blog post from 2005!
  • Why Barry started blogging to begin with
  • How Barry got a Wiki page
  • His thoughts on Danny Sullivan’s role at Google
  • The best way to send Barry SEO news tips
  • Does Google give Barry info “off the record”?
  • The recent Google Core updates
  • Zombie Clicks (?)

And more – enjoy!

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction [0:23]
  • Barry’s Introduction and topic overview [1:27]
    • What are the different publications and how do they all work? [2:09]
      • Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land [2:44]
    • What is RustyBrick? [4:43]
      • What is Barry’s role at RustyBrick? [8:00]
    • Barry’s back story and the world of SEO [9:03]
      • What prompted Barry to start the RustyBrick Weblog? [9:36]
      • Where a lot of people cover the SEO industry when Barry started Search Engine Roundtable? [12:24]
      • How has Barry been so consistent with blogging about SEO for so long? [14:13]
      • How does Barry keep up with everything that is happening? [15:33]
      • Is it helpful when people ping Barry with things? Is there a best way to share information with Barry? [16:59]
      • How does Barry physically get 5 stories out in a day? [18:18]
      • How Barry multitasks so things do not pile up [20:13]
      • Is trying to pay attention to everything in the SEO world stressful?  [22:16]
      • Is Barry generally live on Twitter or does he schedule his posts? [23:52]
      • How did Barry get a Wikipedia page? [25:32]
  • Google [26:56]
    • Danny Sullivan [27:00]
      • Barry’s take on Danny Sullivan’s position at Google [27:35]
      • Does Barry think the feedback SEOs give Danny is actually getting back to Google? [29:44]
    • What is Barry’s take on the current state of Google’s SERP? [31:13]
      • What does Barry think the thought process is behind all the SERP changes and what are they optimizing for? [33:15]
      • What does it mean when Google says the Ad team and the Organic team are separate? [34:40]
  • Why does Barry think there are so many snarky comments to posts and in the SEO world? [35:45]
  • Twitter Questions [37:30]
    • Owais Shah – How [do] SEO influencers and journalists like yourself handle pressure from the community when there is a major algorithm update and you don’t know what to say! [37:35]
    • Jas – How do you handle difficult clients and how do you know if the difficult client is worth it should you decide to keep them? [39:21]
  • CORE Updates [41:52]
    • What does Barry think Google is looking to do with the core updates? [42:17]
    • How does the “off the record, on the record” work when he’s writing about SEO? [46:53]
    • March 12th core update discussion [48:56]
  • Gary 2017 Conversation Discussion [54:27]
    • Partial manual actions expire automatically [56:31]
    • Panda score [56:54]
    • Penguin to replace all link manual actions [57:19]
  • Barry’s Vlog [58:12]
    • Why did Barry decide to start a Vlog? [58:36]
    • Does Barry do everything by himself? [59:50]
    • Form for people interested in being on Barry’s Vlog [1:01:01]
  • Twitter- George Salib Just say[ing] thank you for everything you do to[for] the community [1:01:40]
  • Where to find Barry online [1:02:34]
  • Events to see Barry [1:03:48]


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