This show is PACKED with writing tips that will improve your SEO and marketing… including:

  • What makes a great headline
  • How to write a strong opening
  • How to sell with copy
  • Editing tools
  • Attracting more customers to your blog

And lots more! My guest Henneke has written for Copyblogger, Kissmetrics and the author of two 5-star rated books about writing and blogging.

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  • Episode Introduction and topic overview [0:22] 
  • Henneke’s Introduction [1:25]
    • Henneke’s background prior to copywriting [1:30]
    • How did Henneke land her spot on kissmetrics and copyblogger? [3:06]
    • Henneke’s profile slogan [4:59]
    • What are the services that Henneke offers? [7:52]
  • How the listeners can improve their own writing and create better content [8:49]
    • Part 3, 4, & 5 of Henneke’s article 29 Way to Improve Your Writing Skills and Escape Content Mediocrity- Starting with Part 3  [9:16]
      • What makes a great headline? [9:36]
        • Where is the line between click-bait and a good headline [13:47]
      • How to create a captivating opening [15:23]
      • When is a good time to use a story? [17:40]
      • Does Henneke use any tools to help with editing? [20:00]
      • How to write closing paragraphs [21:21]
        • Give a pep talk [23:09]
    • Part 4 The Basic Writing Skills Everyone Must Master [25:09]
      • What is Henneke’s process for coming up with a logical flow of content? [25:58]
      • For content that is an overview of a topic how to approach thinking through the structure/flow? [28:00]
      • Tips for creating better transitions in content [32:29]
    • Part 5 What is the zoom in, zoom out technique? [35:09]
      • Metaphors and how they can help your writing [39:16]
        • 3 elements that make great metaphors [41:14]
        • Metaphoric mistakes [42:41]
      • How to achieve a conversational tone [44:48]
        • Difference between write-like-you-talk and a conversational tone [47:58]
  • Business Blogging – Henneke’s Article – The “Secret” to Attracting More Clients to Your Blog [49:15]
    • What is the difference between copywriting and blogging?  [49:23]
    • How can thinking of your blog as being on a mission be helpful and how to do this? [51:01]
  • Sales Copy – Henneke’s Article – 5 Types of True Benefits: How to Connect with Your Customer’s Deepest Desires  [53:40]
    • Maslow Marketing Benefits- What is the difference between a Feature and a Benefit? How to turn your feature into a benefit  [53:49]
    • How does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tie into benefits? [57:26]
      • Can this be applied to CRM software? [1:00:34]
      • How can you apply this to a “boring” product? [1:00:21]
      • Stylus by 53 what is the need they are addressing? [1:03:49]
  • Who is Henrietta? [1:05:29]
  • Where to find Henneke online [1:08:33] 


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