There’s probably a lot of us out there that keeps hearing about live streaming video, but we’re not sure how to get started or what to do with it. If you’re one of these people (like I am), now is definitely the time to get involved. Periscope reported to have 10 million users by August of 2015 and that number is surely to have grown. By March of 2016 Periscope had over 200 million broadcasts. It’s really one of the next big waves in social media, that’s just starting to explode.

Personally,¬†I’ve experimented a little with Periscope – so that’s why when the opportunity arose to interview this week’s guest, I was very excited to do so. Alessandra Colaci is the founder of Influence Buzz, a speaker, business and startup consultant and podcaster herself – and has worked with clients like Coke, TJ Maxx and Warner Brothers.

She’s been into live streaming video since the very beginning. In this interview we chat about:

  • The differences between Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab.
  • How to convince your CEO or boss to get on live video.
  • What to do and what content to share.
  • How to get people to watch your live streaming content.
  • What someone like Rand Fishkin should do with Periscope
  • And … I make a confession….


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Alessandra’s Background

Live Streaming

  • Is it for everyone?
  • Overcoming shyness in front of camera
  • Preparation
  • How long is a ‘good’ broadcast?
  • Periscope

In-Platform Engagement Tips

  • Participate (via comments) rather than just listen on Periscope
  • Mention the benefit of watching in the title of the video

Facebook Live

  • Personal vs business page?
  • Steps leading to first broadcast
  • “Repurposing is huge.”
  • The future of Facebook Live
  • Split screen = more viewers

Spilling Coffee = Trustworthy?

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