Katherine Romero was the Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager for the Deckers portfolio, including brands like UGG Australia, Teva and Sanuk. She now runs her own agency MAKA Digital helping brands build digital happiness.

She also tells us how a content marketing campaign for a small cycling brand has been hit 500,000 views with less than $5,000 spent to promote it.

The entire interview is packed with Katherine’s knowledge about the intersection of PPC, SEO, PR, content and more for retail brands. She explains how to set up an affiliate program, how to get offline retailers to take digital seriously, and why at Deckers they loved the Google Panda update.

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Katherine’s Background

  • How she ‘discovered’ digital marketing
  • Studying people

Managing Offered Services

  • Putting consumer experience first
  • Convincing executives to buy-in to digital marketing
  • Digital marketing is not always the ‘first concern’
  • Organic Search vs Paid Search


  • Common mistakes
  • Diminishing return

Providing Full Service Marketing

  • When to switch types of marketing
  • Establishing an affiliate program
  • Cons of an affiliate program


  • Service-oriented content
  • Related sales channels
  • Paid promotion
  • Video

Marketing and PR Team Synergy

  • PR teams are practical
  • Addicted to data

Paid and Organic Synergy

  • Brand recognition and recall
  • Using ads to ‘test’ copy

Product Pages

  • Mistakes
  • Mobile

Last Three Feet

Product Counterfeiters


  • Develop a product line exclusive to Amazon


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