Whoops, Where’d My Traffic Go?

Rankings=Traffic: A False Dichotomy So many SEO conversations are centered on what I find to be a ranking-traffic dichotomy. The conversation usually goes like this: “Oh no, I lost traffic, what do I do?!” “Your rankings must have dropped, check your rankings!” “Did we get a penalty?” “Umm… Did Joe remove the 1,000 words of

Affiliate Summit East, SEO, Waffle Fries

Dear Friends This following is a bit of a memoir, a bit of an explanatory excursion, a tiny bit helpful but certainly not at all actionable or useful in anyway. Just a bit of an elaborative introduction, from me to you. Juicy content filled posts about SEO coming soon though, promise. But for now… After doing

SEO, Hip-Hop and the Universe

What does SEO, Hip-Hop Music and The Universe have in common? SEO, Hip-Hop and The Universe are all evolving. They’re ALIVE.  No one knows the ending.  Heck, no one even knows when their stories will end, never mind how.  And that is why I’m utterly, completely in love with and fascinated by all three. (Disclaimer: