This is a fun, personal page inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Page” idea.

The concept is simple.

Because what you’re doing/involved with “right now” changes often for many people, by having a “Now” page you can easily find out “what are you doing right now?”

Anyway, here’s what I’m doing Now, as of December 2016. As things change, I’ll keep this page updated:

Business / Work


Life / Wife 🙂

  • Podcasting with Sarah about food! Episodes are sparse (but worth the listen) until we have more time to dedicate. Check out the Empty Fork here.
  • Traveling with my wife – local to New England or exploring other US places.
  • Photography (a new-ish hobby) – specifically architectural / fine-art photography in black and white. You can see shots here on Instagram
  • Les Mills GRIT (high intensity interval training), pilates, and hiking