Online Content & Marketing Maestro

(UPDATE: This role is currently filled – please check back for future openings for this type of position!)

Do you want to be the first “Evolver” to join our team? We’re hiring for our first official full time position!


United States. This is a remote position.


Entry level.


A mix of writing, research, keyword research and outreach. However, the most important skill is writing, and a solid knowledge of the web. Training is provided for other tasks.


None specifically, except that you somehow demonstrate solid writing experience or ability. You’re probably also a fast learner and excel at getting the job done. Self motivated.


Entry level but competitive. You will have the benefit of living anywhere, and avoiding high costs of living often associated with a position like this in Boston, NYC etc.

How To Apply

Email the following to me at dan at evolvingseo dot com with the subject “Evolver #1”. If those look good, I’ll contact you and we can chat.

1.) Please send a cover letter (roughly one page) describing why you want this position, and why you think you would be a good Evolver #1.

2.) Please send examples of any prior work. This could be an article you’d written, a website you’ve created, a paper. Send as many as you’d like! I will mainly be looking to get an idea of your writing and communication skills, as well as how personable you are.

3.) Be sure to include links to your social media profiles, a website if you have one or anything else on the web you think I might be interested in – dancing dog videos, gifs of “The Office” or links to free money.



Q: What will I be doing every day?

A: Your days will be a fun mix of content creation, research, keyword research and outreach. Doesn’t that sound fun? I italicized “fun”.


Q: Is training offered?

A: Absolutely. I will work with your strengths and passions, as well as provide training to get you up to speed with any skills/tools you may not be familiar with. You’ll spend most of your days in programs like Word, Excel and Google Docs – as well as using some SEO tools (which, again, training can be provided on).


Q: What kinds of clients does Evolving SEO have?

A: Evolving SEO has a nice variety of clients: online retailers, B2B, startups – a few decent sized ‘brands’ to some smaller companies. We are generally VERY selective about who we work with.


Q: Will I have to talk to clients directly?

A: This is not required.


Q: Can I talk to my cat?

A: You have a talking cat?


Q: Since this is remote, can I choose what days and times to work?

A: We’re a little flexible, but because of the nature of the industry and businesses we work with, we’re generally on a M-F 9-5 schedule.


Q: I can work in my pajamas?

A: I typically decide to get dressed at some point (especially if I go out in public), but whatever floats your boat.


Q: Does Evolving SEO have an actual office?

A: Yes, we are a “real” company located at 100 Grove St, Suite 304 in Worcester, MA. We even have a few plants.


Q: Will there be crazy “team building” activities like trips to Disney World, relay races or rope courses?

A: Probably not, not really into that kind of stuff.


Q: You don’t exercise?

A: No I do. I do pilates, take self defense classes, hike with my wife – I just don’t plan on building a company’s culture with trips to theme parks. I think it’s great for other companies but just not for me.


Q: Do I need to be technical? Will I be doing complicated things like SEO audits?

A: In short, no. This position lies more on the content, keyword and marketing side of things than technical. I currently work on the advanced technical SEO stuff. But you should have a decent knowledge of Excel and Google Docs. Or learn quickly 🙂


Q: You said “we” a lot throughout this listing. Isn’t it just you there?

A: “We” makes us sound like an “us” already. Team building! No, just kidding – my wife works part time at Evolving SEO too. So technically it’s we. But I wrote this listing all by myself.


Please let me know if you have any more questions! Contact me at dan at evolvingseo dot com or message me on Twitter @dan_shure

Thank and talk to you soon!