Who We Are

Right now, Evolving SEO is mainly a two-person SEO company in Massachusetts: but don’t be surprised if you see this page start to grow…

Dan Shure

Fearless Owner, Naively Passionate SEO, Cool Guy

Yup, that’s my dog, Tucker.

I have been completely and utterly obsessed with web development and SEO since 2007, when I helped a friend kick-start his own business with SEO.  But it really began before that – I’m a total entrepreneur at heart, and every endeavor I’ve been apart of since 1998 involved some form of website and web marketing.

Being from a family of all business owner’s, I learned the necessary tools to running a successful business first hand, alongside always provided the web marketing services for my many music businesses, and the businesses of friends and colleagues.

I can’t get enough of music that GROOVES and has PASSION; instrumental hip-hop, Cuban “Timba” music and Keith Jarrett (my all time favorite pianist).



Sarah Shure

Master of Excel, Impossibly Invincible Design Consultant, SEO Princess

And yah, that’s our cat. Bella is our #1 (albeit moody) Siamese SEO cat.

My wife and partner, Sarah, is a fast and detail-oriented worker.  She left a job with a national herbal supplements company in 2010, to pursue a business degree and help me develop my businesses.  Her experience in web research, excel, organizational skills and keen eye for design make her an invaluable asset, and someone I couldn’t do without!.

Sarah’s first project was for The Giust Gallery, in which she completed extensive web-research, maintained a large database and edited hundreds of photos for their product catalog.

Sarah loves many good things in life (besides me): good food, travel, animals (especially Noah and Tucker, more pets), yoga and spending plenty of time outdoors.


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