Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Do you guarantee a #1 ranking on Google?

No one can really guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.  But what we do guarantee is a long-term commitment to improved rankings, traffic and ROI.  Besides anything outside our own control, you should see improvement in these areas.

All gibber-jabber aside, to hyper-focus only on rankings is a bad paradigm to be in, and we work with business owners to expand their outlook on what SEO is  – not just rankings, but also site traffic, conversions and ROI.

How long will it take to show these improvements?

This depends on your market and competition online.  When we give a consultation or estimate for SEO services, we try to give you our best idea as to how long improvements will take

Why won’t we just automatically appear on the first page of Google?

Even if your website has great content, there may be technical weaknesses holding it back, that prevent Google from “seeing” that content.  You also may have back-links out in the internet, known or unknown, that could be having a negative effect on your rankings.  You could also be in a highly competitive industry, where business spent thousands of dollars to stay #1 on the search engines.

Why Should I Hire an Independant SEO company/consultant?

Lots of reasons. Save time. Increase conversion. Done right its the best long-term ROI hands down. We do this stuff day in and day out. There’s no way you could follow everything in the SEO world (heck, we can barely keep up, oops I’m not supposed to say that…).  But the fact we work with lots of websites all at once, gives us an advantage you simply can’t get working in-house on just one or two sites at a time.

How Do You Choose an SEO Company?

You want to choose on a proven track record, but you want to look at important human qualities – trust, ethics, comfort-ability, openness.  And you’ll want to work with an SEO who enjoys educating you as much as doing the work necessary to help you company.

Do you work with all sizes of businesses?

It depends how much work is needed, how competitive your industry is, and how fast you need results.  This also depends on the type of work needed.  We can provide services like a consult or site audit for larger companies, because you probably have an in-house IT staff or programmer who makes you implementations.  And you probably have sources of new content.  For small businesses, or individuals, we can provide generally the whole package, and manage an entire project – from beginning to end.


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