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  • The problem’s with bounce rate
  • Tracking content like a product
  • Why most people don’t understand what a session is
  • The myth of the ‘non-technical’ marketer

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Show Agenda & Timestamps

  • Simo Ahava’s Technical Background [1:42]
    • Brief SEO phase [3:03]
    • What is a Google Development Expert? [7:14]
  • Reaktor [8:56]
    • What are they doing for HBO [10:27]
    • Satellite that is being sent into space with Reaktor software on it [11:23]
  • The Myth of the Non Technical Marketer Article [13:54]
    • Motivation for the Article [14:14]
    • Technical versus Non Technical [16:22]
    • How much does it apply to someone like a copywriter or doing PR, social media? [18:59]
    • Ryan Hoover and Patrick McKenzie thoughts on Non Technical Marketing [22:21]
    • Thoughts on Forbes article [27:39]
    • Thought’s on Jamie Steven’s Every Marketer Should Be Technical article [30:12]
  • Meaningful Data talk – plug and play analytics [34:22]
    • Importance of understanding definitions [37:28]
    • What is a session? [38:38]
      • How to better make sense of sessions [41:05]
      • Measuring content like it’s a product [43:40]
      • How to measure user metrics- how well is your content consumed versus a competitor –   [47:48]
    • Bounce Rate is a terrible metric [49:15]
    • Is there a way to measure a comment on a blog post as a conversion metric? [52:41]
    • How to show the value of content to clients as it relates to their business goals [55:36]
      • Do segments mess with the sample data? [57:46]
  • How people can become more technical [59:47]
    • What is Google Tag Manager [59:57]
      • Resources to learn GTM [1:01:53]
    • Google Analytics Add-Ons for Docs [1:03:57]
    • Other ways people can become more technical & importance of JavaScript [1:06:22]
  • Personal Branding- What helps Simo stand out and cause the 1,000 monthly search results for his name [1:08:33]
  • What is next for Simo [1:13:03]
  • Where can you find Simo online [1:15:13]

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  • November 14, 2017 Reply

    Simon Griffiths

    Nice podcast, but would really like a transcript

    • November 14, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Hi Simon

      Thanks! For now with this show being 100% self produced (and even with a sponsor we technically lose money on it) transcripts are not in the budget right now, but I’ll certainly want to add them as the show grows!

  • December 11, 2017 Reply

    Angela Woodard

    I am so pleaded to have found this podcast! As a non-traditional student, ( I am severely visually impaired and over the age of 50) I am just completing undergraduate studies in Ad & PR. My interest was primarily n PR and copy writing. What I have discovered is that marketing has gone digital; and, in digital marketing, analytics is everything! I have been intimidated by my limited experience with and understanding of technical aspects of SEO, and fine-tuning analytics.This episode has brilliantly illuminated ares of my greatest concern.The conversation is so on point and I truly appreciate the links to resources that you provide.
    I am no longer intimidated. Now, I understand that there are technical aspects within digital marketing that I do not execute..Yet.

    • December 11, 2017 Reply

      Dan Shure

      Awesome!! So glad you found the show and that it is helping you on your digital marketing journey 🙂

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