We’ll Help Get You To ‘Point B’

Most SEO agencies are going to try to push 6-12+ ongoing monthly contracts.

We don’t do that.

I know that’s not always possible or even necessary. So we’ve always offered short term, 1-3 month engagements – to help alleviate an immediate SEO-pain you may be feeling.

SEO in project form, is focused on solving specific short term challenges.

Typical projects include help with:

  • A migration, and you want to mitigate the loss of search traffic.
  • You have a content team already in place creating articles/posts, but it’s not getting any SEO traction.
  • A new site build, and you want an SEO audit.
  • Building or redoing a site, and you want to incorporate proper keyword targeting.
  • Traffic or penalty recovery (we don’t do a lot of this as a stand alone, but I can refer you to someone!)
  • Short term strategic plans, which you’ll then roll out execution.
  • You’re trying to resolve technical issues, like bad schema markup, technical errors, pages not being indexed properly etc.

Projects are also great if:

  • You don’t have a full monthly ongoing budget, but want to see if you can get some ROI from a 2-3 month project.
  • You want to incorporate some training for your internal team along with a strategy in which you execute.
  • You want to try working with an agency before committing full-time.
  • You need to sell the idea of SEO to your internal execs and team with a project, before they will commit long-term.

Actual line item ‘deliverables’

These are some of the actual SEO services commonly provided in a project (not all of them, it’s more ‘mix and match’ depending on your needs!):

  • Technical Audit
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Content Calendar
  • Strategy Development
  • Directly Consulting from Dan (via phone/email)
  • … and more! We really cater it to your specific needs.

What results can you expect?

The honest truth is – although projects are great for all of the reasons above – most SEO success (rankings/traffic/revenue) is a long-term, ongoing, consistent process.

There are some outlying cases in which a project will yield higher rankings and traffic (and we’ve done this in some cases). But it depends on your situation and the current opportunity.

Therefore, I would look at an SEO project as a way to:

  • Get the ball rolling
  • Solve specific technical problems
  • Try SEO out
  • Invest in some internal education
  • Be told what to do
  • …and in some outlying cases – see immediate traffic returns.

If you are really looking for ROI in the form of traffic and revenue from organic search, I highly recommend you check out our ongoing SEO campaign services.

Have Questions? Want to get started?

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