SEO Consultation

What we mean here by “consultation” is that the deliverable is time resulting in advise & support verbally or via email – personal and direct time via email, phone, Skype or in person. In some cases you may not need or want written deliverables – you just need to talk to an expert SEO for an hour or two, or have dedicated access for email support.

Some scenarios that are perfect for SEO consultation are;

  • you’re designing a new site and just need to get answers to important SEO aspects
  • you need some verbal advise for how to improve traffic to your site
  • you need some help strategizing and brainstorming content
  • maybe you already work with an SEO but need a second opinion


For “ad hoc” consultation (we are not setting up a retainer, it’s a one-off request for just a few hours) is $200/hr. Retainer based consultation (you commit to x hours a month) is $150/hr.

Woah, You’re Expensive!

Not so fast there bub. Check out this survey of over 600+ SEO agencies across the world. We’re right in line with the average!

With SEO it’s all about ROI (as well as three letter acronyms apparently). Before you hire any SEO consultant I do recommend that you are as prepared as possible with specific questions or challenges. But the potential for return on investment is very good if you come prepared and execute on recommendations!

Keepin’ Up With The Algos

Did you know Google is tweaking it’s algorithm hundreds of times a year?  Major algo updates take place dozens of times a year. Not to mention all the new tools, changes in existing tools, experimenting etc.

What’s the point, Dan? Well – we spend lots of “off the clock” hours keeping up to date with all the changes going on. That’s the only way to do SEO effectively!

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