On-Demand, Friendly SEO Consulting

Hire me as your personal SEO consultant – for as little as one hour, one day or full ongoing monthly consulting.

I work … differently.

And that means you’re not getting the normal, everyday, routine, bland, expected SEO services.  My strongest way of bringing you value is with a clearly defined scope – and delivering your work ‘first hand’ (I emphasize ‘face to face’ communication to deliver work, vs. big giant written deliverables – more on that in the links below).

It’s like fresh home baked bread, but SEO.

Here’s what’s cooking:

One Day SEO Jumpstart! Project

Hire me as your personal consultant for a day. This is a one-of-a-kind bite sized SEO service packed with value into an affordable low-commitment service.

Read more about if this service is good for you.


Hourly SEO Phone Consultation

Try a no-commitment phone consultation to get fast, friendly SEO answers you can trust. I’ll even refer you to the best SEO provider for future services specific to your needs (even if it’s not me).

Read more about Dan’s hourly consultation service.

Ongoing SEO Consulting

You’re looking to SEO for a long term, marketing and growth channel – and you want an experienced consultant to help lead the way.

You or your company needs to hire an outside SEO agency to “own” your organic search efforts and proactively work to increase qualified traffic via search.

NOTE: this service is only available if you have already done anSEO Jumpstart!, worked with me before, or come from a direct and highly trusted referral source.

Read more about hiring me as your long term SEO consultant.

Also: Group Training, Webinars & Speaking

Courses & Custom Seminars

Need someone to come in-house and train your team? Dan will develop a customized course or seminar to train the people in your organization.

Read more about our SEO courses and seminars.

Not Sure What You Need?

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