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077: How To Use SEO For Bands, Creators & The Music Industry w/Wes Walls

The story of how today’s guest ended up on the show starts all the way back on July 18th, 2016 when I received this email: I didn’t end up speaking on the SXSW panel (but I did help connect him with Mike King who did participate in the panel) Then June 20th of this year,

076: A Journey Through Google’s Most Significant Search Patents (Part 1) w/Bill Slawski

Back in 2012, I was trying to take my SEO to the next level. I had learned all of the standard stuff Рtitles, content, I had a pretty solid grasp on technical SEO. But felt like there was MUCH more to know. That’s when I discovered SEO By The Sea Рa blog that

075: Boost Your Rankings By Improving ‘Crawl Budget’ w/Dawn Anderson

In this episode, I guarantee you’ll learn at LEAST one new mind blowing concept about SEO. Or very possibly two. Or three. Probably more (listening back to this interview, I had a ton of light bulb moments myself). Such as…. you know those¬†studies that show longer content correlates with higher rankings? Well, maybe¬†it’s not literally

074: The Email

The story of a¬†troubling email I received Monday morning. NEXT week, we’ll back to the regular interview style episodes. Subscribe on iTunes and never miss a new show! Links Actually, just one link ūüôā The May 17th 2017 Google Algorithm Update¬†   Photo Credit: Gabriele Diwald¬†via Unsplash

073: The Top Takeaways Revealed From SMX Advanced 2017 w/Marie Haynes

Somehow I had no episode for this week’s show. So I said, “as an SEO myself, what do I really want to know about¬†right now that I can share with my listeners ?” The answer I kept coming to was “what happened at SMX Advanced that I need to know about for the SEO work

072: How BuzzSumo Became A $5M SaaS Donkey w/Steve Rayson

Learn how BuzzSumo used data-backed influencer marketing and content to become a $5mil SaaS company, with less than 10 employees. And why Steve believes the future of content marketing is more content. And yes РBuzzSumo has also been our sponsor for a few episodes Рbut this episode is about BuzzSumo the company and focuses on

071: The Definitive Rules Of Mobile SEO Success w/Ashley Berman Hale

I‚Äôve been wanting to do a show on mobile SEO for a while. Then one day, I was scanning Twitter and saw these tweets coming from a MozCon Local event: You know you are kicking ass when @randfish is getting closer to your slides and taking pictures. @BermanHale Great job! #MozCon — Kate Morris (@katemorris)

070: How To Do Big Brand SEO w/Corey Eulas

Clients like Casper, Genius, Lending Tree, World Market and Policy Genius are turning to Corey Eulas for SEO. In this interview Рfind out what is moving the SEO needle for these brands, how Corey lands these clients and the critical importance of testing in SEO. This episode is for all the hardcore SEO fans (and future

068: Amazon SEO – The Detailed Steps To List, Rank & Sell Products w/Danny McMillan

Google is NOT the only search engine. It’s arguably not even the #1 product search engine. According to some statistics, Amazon is. My guest today has estimated kitchen products, for example, get upwards of 30,000 searches per month for one keyword.¬†So …¬†who cares if Amazon or Google is #1 in product searches? That’s a TON

067: Proven Conversion Boosting Copy Tips & The Art Of Email Outreach w/Liston Witherill

I love going to the VW dealer. Not because I enjoy overly priced car maintenance, but because I get to read all the classic VW ads they¬†have framed up on the walls. They prove that¬†words¬†can¬†make the difference between getting a¬†result – or not. On this episode, you’re going to learn how Liston uses words –