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085: Important Lessons Learned From Eight Years Of SEO w/Paula Keller French

Today РI chat will Paula Keller French about her top eight lessons learned doing SEO for eight years. Listen now for some stories of mistakes to avoid, and SEO tips backed by almost a decade of experience! I especially liked her tips about client retention towards the end, so be sure to stay tuned in

084: Decoding The Mysterious World of Analytics w/Simo Ahava

On today’s show! The problem’s with bounce rate Tracking content like a product Why most people don’t understand what a session is The myth of the ‘non-technical’ marketer Listen Now! Sponsors BuzzSumo¬†– One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and¬†tons more (like alerts

083: How To Win At In House, Large Scale SEO w/Kevin Indig of Atlassian

For some reason, it’s a¬†struggle to find In-House SEOs to share their stories, lessons and SEO strategies. Today’s show is the rare exception. Kevin Indig runs technical SEO at Atlassian – a company responsible for tools like Trello, Jira, Confluence and more. has a domain authority of 93. There are¬†hundreds of thousands of URLs

082: Massive Featured Snippet & SEO Growth (In an Ultra Competitive Industry) w/Stephanie Briggs

A tweet like the one below from Justin Briggs is hard to miss. 120% growth in product pages, 60% growth in content pages – and as I learned later – a 258% growth in featured snippet visibility. All in a highly competitive and regulated financial industry. As you can estimate in the SEMrush snapshot below

081: How To Transform Your Content Marketing Into a Superpower w/Phil Singleton

The title may seem a little hyperbolic. But I can assure having just listened back to this interview, it’s not. My guest Phil Singleton, who co-authored SEO for Growth with John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) – has been helping clients get the maximum value from content in a smart¬†efficient way for over a decade. Given

080: Dana DiTomaso’s Rules, Tools and Tactics of SEO Success [Must Listen]

Dana is exactly the type of guest I had in mind when I named this show ‘Experts’ on the Wire. The word expert is certainly overused. But to me, an expert is someone who actually has a depth of experience around what they are talking about AND¬†can explain it fluently and clearly with the audience

079: A Journey Through Google’s Most Significant Search Patents (Part 2) w/Bill Slawski

I wanted to create an audio resource to learn about search patents – the kind I would have found useful when I was studying them back in 2012. So I welcomed Bill Slawski – who has been reading and writing about search patents for almost 10 years –¬†back to Experts to discuss more patents and

078: $958k ROI from SEO, YouTube’s Algorithm & Video Marketing w/Justin Briggs

Justin walks me through the process he used to bring a $600-958k ROI doing SEO for 10/hours per month on a project. We chat about the pros and cons of ‘check box SEO’ – and why SEO can sometimes be the ‘easy’ part – and the real secret behind their success at Briggsby. He¬†shares what

077: How To Use SEO For Bands, Creators & The Music Industry w/Wes Walls

The story of how today’s guest ended up on the show starts all the way back on July 18th, 2016 when I received this email: I didn’t end up speaking on the SXSW panel (but I did help connect him with Mike King who did participate in the panel) Then June 20th of this year,

076: A Journey Through Google’s Most Significant Search Patents (Part 1) w/Bill Slawski

Back in 2012, I was trying to take my SEO to the next level. I had learned all of the standard stuff Рtitles, content, I had a pretty solid grasp on technical SEO. But felt like there was MUCH more to know. That’s when I discovered SEO By The Sea Рa blog that