006: Running A Leading Industry News Site With Jen Slegg

Jennifer Slegg takes us behind the scenes of The SEM Post, a leading news site in the Search Marketing industry. She shares insights into where she gets her story leads, why Google tested 41 shades of blue in the search results, and how she chooses guest writers. Whether you’re a writer, editor, SEO-fan or lover of marketing – you’ll gain a ton of knowledge from this episode!

005: Local SEO Link Building & Yelp Reviews w/Phil Rozek

If you’re a local or small business owner, you’re going to learn a TON in this episode with local SEO expert Phil Rozek. He’ll teach you about local listings (“NAP listings”), Yelp Review, blogging and local SEO link building.

004: Generating Leads & Exposure On SlideShare With Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds explains how to get massive exposure and leads with SlideShare. Ross has personally generated over 1 million views on his SlideShare content. He also discusses content curation tactics, Snapchat and Anchor.

003: Backlinko’s Content Process Revealed With Brian Dean

Brian Dean lifts the curtain on his content creation process for Backlinko. He reveals how many unique visits Backlinko.com gets per month (it’s a LOT), a secret project he’s working on, how to keep your email newsletters out of the promotions tab – and MUCH more.

002: AJ Kohn on Rankings, SEO Pyschology & Five Foot Web Design

AJ Kohn, who helps companies like Pinterest and Airbnb with their SEO, is on the show to teach us about Google ranking factors, keyword research and more. Join us for this hour episode! Learn how psychology applies to SEO, how to remove technical SEO obstacles , and why AJ uses hashtags in his tweets.

NOTE: The audio quality of this interview on my end does not represent the normal high quality of my audio! We…

001: Marie Haynes on Google Penalties

Marie Haynes, an expert on Google Penalties and Technical SEO to discuss Google updates, algorithms and more. Learn about some of the updates like Panda, Penguin, Fantom – how to fix them – and what Google may have in store for the future.

Introduction: About Experts On The Wire

Join me in a 10 minutes introduction to “Experts On The Wire”! I announce the first three guests and a contest. New episode will post twice a week – every Wednesday and Friday – so definitely subscribe!

Our mission is to bring expert digital marketing information to fellow marketers, business owners, startup founders, entrepreneurs and the like. Most episodes will feature me interviewing an expert from any digital marketing field – such as SEO, content…

Why I Won’t Guest Post For Leads

The problem I personally have with “trying” to write for “leads” or business results is it falls out of my true nature, out of my character and out of my comfort zone. It violates the very core of who I am. I never blogged, or wrote, or spoke to get business. But it did. I

Google Showing Related Searches In Autocomplete

Competitors In Search Suggest? Ahem *autocomplete* as Google now calls it. This past weekend I was playing around with some Google searches when I saw this: I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen. Google is suggesting I search for Zappos competitors?  I of course tweeted about it with an explanation of how it came up: Woah. Never

Why I Will Never Automate Social Media

What do you think a public speaker cares more about? How many people are in the room, or how many of those people seemed engaged in what they are saying? I don’t think anyone would disagree that engagement is the ultimate goal. When someone is engaged, they become involved. A switch in their psychology is turned on. Another