024: The Irresistible Power Of StoryHacking w/Alaura Weaver

I stumbled across Alaura’s article on CopyHackers – StoryHacking: Cracking The Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories – and within 5 minutes knew I wanted her to join us to teach you all about the power of StoryHacking. This isn’t just the same old advise you hear from marketers “tell a story” –

023: Building A YouTube Community With Jared Falk Of Drumeo

Drumeo is an online community and educational resource for drummers. They have almost 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel with over 97 million total video views. Some of their videos receive over 1,000 comments and over 1 million views. Drumeo didn’t do this with sleazy marketing tricks or buying subscribers on Fiverr. They did it

022: One Brand, A Thriving Community, Blog Comments & How They Help SEO

Hey everyone we’re going to do something a little different today. I had wanted you to meet someone, from a brand that I’m sure you’ve all heard of (we’ll reveal that in a moment): But first, this is a brand that has: 532,000 likes on their facebook page A Single Article With 79+ Linking Root

021: Facebook Video Ads With Rick Mulready

Chances are, you’re looking for NEW ways to drive quality traffic to your site, business or blog. But it can be tough to know what direction to take or what new channel to try. Today, Rick Mulready is going to teach you all about Facebook VIDEO ads – and how they can hold great opportunity

020: Tom Critchlow On Working For Google, Escaping The SEO Vacuum & Startup Mistakes

For those of you that do not know my guest today, Tom Critchlow has a diverse background of experiences. He was Head of Search Marketing and then VP of Operations at Distilled for 4 years, worked in Google’s Creative Lab for 2 years, and has since founded Fiercely Curious – an online gallery of art

019: Analytics Explained With Annie Cushing

It’s true that there’s a LOT of misinformation out there about Analytics. It can be hard to dig through all the content out there for the right path to take. Thankfully, we have a true expert on the show today. Annie Cushing has spent over 10 years mastering, practicing and teaching analytics. In this episode

018: Johnathan Dane on PPC, Sardines vs Whales & Why CPC Doesn’t Matter

Johnathan breaks down PPC concepts in a clear, understandable way – better than almost anyone else I’ve heard. Maybe you’ve “tried” PPC in your business and though it “didn’t work”, or maybe you’ve been doing SEO and want to get into PPC, or maybe you’re looking for an additional source of high quality traffic. You’ll

017: Applying Digital Ethology To Your Content Strategy Process w/Rhea Drysdale

“What content should I create?” You may ask yourself this often, but the answer isn’t always that obvious. Rhea breaks down how applying “digital ethology” can inform your content ideas. You’ll learn what people really mean when they search Google for “how big is an eggplant?” and why that matters to your content strategy. We also

016: Taking Control Of Your Own PR w/Dmitry Dragilev

For a long time, Public Relations has been this “mysterious” activity reserved for high-profile PR companies or shady press releases. Of course some PR companies are really good at what they do (I’ve worked alongside of a few). But the truth is, YOU can take charge of many “PR” activities yourself. Enter Dmitry Dragilev, who has

015: Using Humor In Your Marketing w/Amy Harrison

Does humor sell? Well sure, think back so campaigns like the classic VW ads to Dollar Shave Club. Humor definitely works when done right. In this episode Amy Harrison will teach you how to incorporate more humor into your marketing. She’ll also give you ways to improve your copywriting – with techniques such as using