055: Getting Major Publishers To Feature Your Content (20 Proven Tips!)

Has this ever happened to you? You create the best 10x piece of content imaginable. (It really is 10x right?) You invest time, research and money into it. You hit publish and you know it’s going to go crazy! But then it doesn’t. That’s because “build it and they will come” is not always true. You

054: 7 Steps To Massive Traffic Growth (SEO & Content Marketing)

That title is no hyperbole. I don’t know what number you would guess ‘massive’ means, but Ross and his company Siege Media have grown traffic by 250,000-500,000 monthly visits for clients like Zillow, TripAdviser and ZipRecruiter. I’d call that ‘massive’! I wanted to know how they do this, so I invited him on the show to find

053: How To Rank Above Wikipedia (In An Ultra Competitive Industry)

If you were to ask me: “Dan, choose an industry to build a website around to get traffic from Google” I would definitely NOT choose the medical and supplements industry. It’s super hard to get Google and users to trust you, and rank above sites like Wikipedia, WedMD. But that’s exactly what my guest, Sol Orwell

052: What Link Building Success Really Looks Like w/Mark Johnstone

Yes, I copied the title exactly from Mark’s Moz Post. In fact that’s WHY I invited Mark to be a guest on today’s show. He wrote a post on Moz a few weeks ago that caught quite a bit of attention from the SEO community. It was actually a response to a prior post on Moz

Master Your Homepage Meta Descriptions Now (Plus, 15 Inspiring Examples!)

Why … Meta Descriptions? Aren’t meta descriptions basic, boring SEO 101? How about javascript crawling or some of this other stuff over here? Answer: I see a LOT of terrible, mindlessly written meta descriptions out there. Take … Macy’s for example: Yuck! Yet, there are 18 million … eighteen million searches a month for ‘macys’. Think of all the

12 Creative Ways To Use My Favorite Keyword Research Tools

  NOTE: I originally wrote this for The Next Web In August of 2016. It was officially accepted… but never published (not sure what happened). UPDATE: It’s been published over on The Next Web (whoo hoo! as you can imagine they have a long queue of content.) You can read the whole thing there: http://thenextweb.com/tq/2017/01/19/12-keyword-research-tools-and-creative-ways-to-use-them/

051: Supercharge Your SEO & Marketing With Systems w/Michelle Nickolaisen

This episode is packed with tools & tactics that will help you do better marketing, by having better systems. In my last year of client work – I noticed a funny pattern. The clients getting the best results were the ones that had processes in place. This is because this means they are actually executing, and actually

050: 25+ Top Quality Links To One Piece Of Content (Without Outreach) w/Craig Ballantyne

Feel like your content is not earning the attention, traffic and links it may deserve? Sometimes it just needs a few tweaks in the right direction. It’s probably 80% there, but that last 20% will take it from ‘blah’ to ‘best in class’. My guest – Craig Ballantyne talks about how he has used content

049: Uncharted: Vlogging’s Content Marketing Opportunity (Codename: The ‘Wrap It In Bacon’ Episode) w/Ben Wills

Mark my words. The future of winning educational content – lies in also being entertaining. Or, as a friend said to me once “oh, you mean wrap it in bacon.”   No… not that Bacon. This bacon. OK Dan, focus… The battle for attention is fierce, and you can educate with content, but you have to engage. You have

048: The Indomitable Bill Sebald Talks Links, Rankings, 10x Content & Enterprise SEO

This episode is for all the SEO-heads. My guest Bill Sebald of Greenlane SEO brings massive insight into the world of agencies and working with medium to enterprise scale businesses (walk in any Mall and you’re likely to see at least a few of Greenlane SEO’s clients). We talked about: The ONE thing that helped a