049: Uncharted: Vlogging’s Content Marketing Opportunity (Codename: The ‘Wrap It In Bacon’ Episode) w/Ben Wills

Mark my words. The future of winning educational content – lies in also being entertaining. Or, as a friend said to me once “oh, you mean wrap it in bacon.”   No… not that Bacon. This bacon. OK Dan, focus… The battle for attention is fierce, and you can educate with content, but you have to engage. You have

048: The Indomitable Bill Sebald Talks Links, Rankings, 10x Content & Enterprise SEO

This episode is for all the SEO-heads. My guest Bill Sebald of Greenlane SEO brings massive insight into the world of agencies and working with medium to enterprise scale businesses (walk in any Mall and you’re likely to see at least a few of Greenlane SEO’s clients). We talked about: The ONE thing that helped a

047: The Smart, Unconventional Truths Of Traffic Growth w/Corbett Barr

I asked Corbett how he originally connected with ‘influencers’ like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas and Andrew Warner. His answer was so interesting, I’ve been thinking about it all week – and frankly – it’s changed my mindset about marketing, podcasting and even business. And that’s what I think is so great about this discussion.

046: The Strategies Behind Orbit Media’s 1,200+ Backlinks (Actionable!)

Orbit Media is a Chicago web design and development company. Yet … they’ve acquired 1,200+ links, and grown traffic to over 70,000 sessions per month with content marketing … about marketing and analytics! Andy Crestodina is the co-founder of Orbit, and he’s going to tell us all about how they grew their traffic and regularly

045: Copywriting – From Unbearable… To Unstoppable w/Pamela Wilson

Your copywriting… the words you use – can be the difference between a sale or silence. On the web … words. They’re everything! (Yes I know there’s videos and images – but your message – starts with copy). My guest today, Pamela Wilson of Rainmaker Digital (CopyBlogger) is here to save us from bad copywriting!

044: How To Map Your User’s Journey w/Rebekah Cancino

Have you ever struggeled with knowing where to actually reach your target customers? Or knowing what problems or friction points they hit when researching your product or service? Or what to say to them to connect and convey that you understand what they are trying to solve? Enter ‘User Journey Mapping’. Rebekah Cancino uses Journey Mapping to help businesses

043: Peep Laja Talks CRO, Fixing Money Leaks & Rapid Blog Growth

My guest today is Peep Laja of ConversionXL. Peep got started in the marketing world in 2011 when he grew his blog to 100,000 monthly visitors in just a year. Since that time, he’s become known as one of the foremost experts in the world of CRO. This interview is jam packed with actionable CRO

042: Why Affiliate Marketing Should Not Be Ignored w/Priest Willis

A lot of us “do” SEO, Inbound Marketing or content creation, but it’s essential we know about everything going on in the digital space. (You may have heard this referred to as being a T Shaped Marketer). And … the NY Times JUST announced their purchase of Wirecutter – which is a site built on Affiliate Revenue

041: Marshall Simmonds Talks Google, SEO, Dark Traffic (and It’s Awesome)

Marshall is a rare voice in the SEO industry. He combines 20 years of experience doing SEO at sites like The New York Times and Boston.com, while continuing to work hands-on with SEO with some of the world’s biggest publishers and enterprise sites. I hit Marshall with all the burning SEO questions I thought YOU

040: Instantly Actionable Branding Strategies w/Cynthia Johnson

This episode covers a LOT. But despite the wide variety of topics – I realized – everything points back to branding and simple, straightforward strategies you can implement right away, that will make a difference in your company’s brand, or your personal brand. Specifically, you will learn: How to get your CEO to invest in personal branding. An uncommon