The Wall

 What’s “The Wall”? I got that term “The Wall” from Wil Reynolds (see his tweet). He said; I often “hit the wall” & realize I can’t do it all – instead of feeling helpless I start planning & prioritizing. We had talked about this in person as well recently; the challenges you face when trying

The Ultimate List of Rank Checkers

LAST UPDATED: January 8th, 2016 Rank tracking and checking it seems is a sore spot among SEOs – there are some tools that work great at certain tasks but terrible at others. I’m doing some heavy keyword research (1000’s of keywords) for an ecommerce site and need something that can run search engine rankings quickly.

Why Does Google KILL Bing With IMDB Based Results?

UPDATE – January 12, 2012 – 6:00am I’ve sent a tweet over to Duane Forrester at Bing to see if I can get some answers, I’ll keep you posted! I am also now seeing different results in Bing than just a few days ago (thanks to Bill Slawski for pointing this out)…

A Taste of SEO for Nashoba Valley Winery

Hello!! I’m here today to give Nashoba Valley Winery some invaluable tips on improving their online presence and capturing tons of hidden value out there on the net. Nashoba Valley Winery is a fruit winery, restaurant and they host wine tastings, weddings, apple picking, fall events in a beautiful New England setting.  On the top

Ifttt Ideas & Review

Yesterday Rand Tweeted This Well…. OK! I’ll take a stab at it. This is literally my 60 minute assessment of Ifttt. I know I could go into more detail, and ideas will likely develop as I begin using it, but hey, I just set up an account last night Let’s go! What is Ifttt? Ifttt

How I Judge Local SEO Opportunity In 7 Steps & Screencast

SEO is so overlooked, under-appreciated and misunderstood by local business owners. That’s been quite evident to me lately, as I’ve been sitting in on some local BNI meetings. If you don’t know, BNI is basically a non-competing referral network. Local business owners gather once a week to pitch their services, get/give referrals and help each other

6 Related Search Operator Tips & Google Doc Tool

UPDATE: 12/14/11 8:00am EST I have fixed a bug in the Google Doc that was returning the API data one row off, please re-copy it now if you have used it prior to now, thanks!! – – – – – So I’ve been playing around with the related: search operator. Not many folks talk about

Its Not About the SEO

For me, its NOT about the SEO You know what’s amazing?  Discovering and Implementing on the low-hanging-fruit. I can change a few title tags, rewrite a few URLs, move around some pages. This could rank someone higher, bring more traffic, bring more business, put more well earning money in their pocket and put food on

7 Benefits and SEO Tactics for Vosges Haut-Chocolat

About Vosges Haut-Chocolat Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a niche gourmet chocolate company, selling exotic and unique chocolate products via their online store, retail stores (like Whole Foods) and several boutique chocolate shops in the United States. Their most popular and notable product is by far Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar. Bacon and chocolate? One huge YES!  You simply

Lest Thy Best Quest of Keyword Suggest be in Jest Unless Thy Invest Zest in an Uberfest of Ubersuggest

Keyword Research With Ubersuggest and ImportXML Thanks to Richard Baxter – oh, whoops, Wrong Richard Baxter… (ahem)… Thanks to Richard Baxter… uhhhh… wrong again… here we go…. Thanks to Richard Baxter, I was recently turned on to Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to extract all the the “Google Suggest” searches that show up automatically, as