hitting reset

  Pic by me – Chicago, July 2016 Last month I hit the lowest of lows I’ve yet to experience in business. But I’ll come back to that. I should probably take you to what led to this. And I should tell you this story does end on a positive. But fair warning – it goes

066: Growth Hacker Schools SEO On Growth Hacking w/Tiffany daSilva

I truly believe in the power of cross-discipline learning. That’s exactly why I brought a growth consultant on the show – to learn valuable insights from a different marketing field. (Despite a few surface similarities between SEO and Growth Hacking, when you dig in, they really are two different animals). This episode is for anyone

065: Optimizing “Crawl Budget” To Improve Your Web Traffic w/Vanessa Fox

While there’s no official school, certification or standards you need to know to be an SEO – I don’t understand why what’s in this episode is NOT required material for all people calling themselves ‘SEOs’. You see, despite ranking factors always changing, there are still core fundamentals to how search engines discover, crawl and index content. These

064: Noah Kagan on How To Craft A Winning Marketing Plan

One thing we ALL struggle with is too many options. Whether it’s the millions of song options I have on Spotify, the 100’s of flavors at an ice cream stand – or marketing. The thing I love about today’s guest’s approach to marketing is it’s so … simple. Not easy, but simple. Noah provides a framework and importantly mindset

063: The Story Behind Venngage’s Explosive SEO Growth w/Nadya Khoja

This week’s guest was referred to me as someone who could teach the value of infographics. My first reaction was ‘hmmm … infographics sort of have a bad reputation’. But when I dug into the company’s SEMrush traffic stats and was blown away by their recent, explosive growth. That company is Venngage and my guest is their

062: The Definitive Steps To International SEO & Multilingual SEO Success w/Aleyda Solis

International SEO is frankly one of those areas of SEO I never quite “got” out of the gate. So whenever an International SEO project would come up, I’d usually pass it along. But today I wanted to solve that for myself – and for you the listener. So if you’ve found International and even Multilingual SEO a challenge

061: Podcasting Year In Review (Download Stats Revealed & Lessons Learned)

This post is a companion post to the actual audio episode. (There’s little to no overlap in content!) Here’s what you’ll find by listening! How we find and choose guests Our top to bottom production process Podcasting metrics, goals and KPIs What makes a good podcast Podcast promotion strategies Incorporating storytelling into an educational/actionable oriented show

060: Growth Story – 0 To 100,000 Monthly Visitors (In One Year) w/Tyler Hakes

If I was asked to do what Tyler had to, I’d be terrified too. It was late 2014. Tyler was brought into College Raptor, an exciting new startup. They have some incredible new technology. They just closed an impressive series A round of funding. Amazing opportunity right? Except for one thing. They have NO traffic

059: The NEW Technical SEO (In Plain English) w/Mike King

I’m minding my own business, doing my SEO ‘thing’. Thinking “I GOT THIS”. And then Mike King drops an article like this one called “The Technical SEO Renaissance“. In it, he uses words like “critical rendering path”, “inverse document frequency” and “angular JS” – and I don’t know about you, but maybe you feel a bit behind, intimidated

058: YouTube SEO, Monetization & Strategy (Real, Expert Talk w/Roberto Blake)

There’s massive opportunity in YouTube. But maybe like me, you struggle to understand how to rank videos, how to market them, or how to monetize and drive business value from your YouTube presence. Whether you’re trying to understand YouTube for yourself or your clients, you’ll walk away from this show with a way better understanding of how YouTube