092: Mobile First Indexing: A Whole New Google w/Cindy Krum

In today’s episode! What ‘link equity’ might mean in a mobile-first index world Why you don’t need a URL to be indexed anymore Language & Keyword Indexing vs Entity Indexing What chatbots have to do with voice search Google Actions and Google Assistant Listeners questions answered (PWA’s, AMP, Google Posts, Mobile Site Speed) Why the

091: UX & Accessibility – Essential Lessons For SEOs w/Kim Krause Berg

When traffic drop issues started hitting my inbox early 2017 – I was perplexed. These weren’t the typical link penalties, thin content or panda algo issues. There was something different going on here. By March/April of 2017  I’d seen enough of these issues, and along with other SEOs started connecting the dots. In June I then published a

090: Improve Your Rankings by Understanding Intent w/AJ Kohn

I read AJ’s recent article “what I learned in 2017”. In it, he mentioned not being very excited about the SEO content being published these days. I wanted to find out why. I did, but we also ended up chatting about his unique view on recent Google updates (and why they were NOT ‘content quality’

089: Are Ranking Factor Studies Hurting The SEO Industry? w/Jenny Halasz

In this episode: The problem with calling metrics like word count, time to first byte “ranking factors” Why Jenny believes CTR is NOT a significant ranking factor How to stay focused on what matters in the noisy SEO industry How to think through and solve your own SEO problems Pros and (mostly) cons of AMP A

088: Turbocharge Your Content Creation Process w/Marijana Kostelac

Have you ever seen a content strategy fail to perform because things don’t get executed? It can be frustrating to have the best SEO plan, content plan or marketing plan – only to have it fall short because things just don’t get done. In today’s episode, my guest Marijana Kostelac is going to teach us

087: Voice Search, Structured Data & Duplicate Content Strategies w/Alexis Sanders

I couldn’t fit every topic we talked about in the title – here are some highlights from this episode! We debate the pros and cons of voice search data in Search Console How brands and business can use Alexa Skills Advanced strategies for duplicate content identification and resolution The importance of web architecture and understanding information

086: Technical SEO, Ranking Factors & the Story Behind TechSEOBoost w/Paul Shapiro

On today’s show! What it’s like working with big clients like VW and Proctor and Gamble Getting buy-in from all the departments on SEO Leveraging automation and tools to collect and process data Link building at scale The impact of machine learning on rankings The most important types of backlinks to focus on The problems

085: Important Lessons Learned From Eight Years Of SEO w/Paula Keller French

Today – I chat will Paula Keller French about her top eight lessons learned doing SEO for eight years. Listen now for some stories of mistakes to avoid, and SEO tips backed by almost a decade of experience! I especially liked her tips about client retention towards the end, so be sure to stay tuned in

084: Decoding The Mysterious World of Analytics w/Simo Ahava

On today’s show! The problem’s with bounce rate Tracking content like a product Why most people don’t understand what a session is The myth of the ‘non-technical’ marketer Listen Now! Sponsors BuzzSumo – One of my favorite tools for coming up with content ideas, finding people who share content in an industry, and tons more (like alerts

083: How To Win At In House, Large Scale SEO w/Kevin Indig of Atlassian

For some reason, it’s a struggle to find In-House SEOs to share their stories, lessons and SEO strategies. Today’s show is the rare exception. Kevin Indig runs technical SEO at Atlassian – a company responsible for tools like Trello, Jira, Confluence and more. Atlassian.com has a domain authority of 93. There are hundreds of thousands of URLs