Client Success Stories

The Giust Gallery


The Giust Gallery had challenges that led to the very core of its web presence.  They had a website, which essentially hadn’t been updated since its inception in the late 90′s.  Not only this, no search engine optimization had ever been done (or any web marketing of any kind).

The fact that it is a family-run company (owned by my father) gave me considerable freedom to essentially learn a staggering amount of SEO and web-development techniques, while bringing them great results.

They do business word-wide, selling sculpture replicas of famous Greek, Roman, Renaissance and 19th-20th Century statues.  Their challenge was multifaceted for sure: how to compete with other much larger businesses in the same space, with less resources at their disposal (only two people working on the website – myself and my wife!)

Working along with my wife, I designed and programmed the entire website, learning PHP and MySQL on the fly, incorporating extensive on-site SEO strategies.  I did all the new photography, and my wife edited all the product photos, performed extensive product research and maintained the database.


  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Improve Function of Web Site (User and Client Side)
  • Improve Site Design (which we still test, when there’s time!)
  • Shoot Brand New Product Photos
  • Full On Site SEO
  • Tracking and Measuring Results – Ranking reports, google analytics and more
  • Capturing Leads (email list)
  • Link building and outreach moving forward
  • Brand and reputation management moving forward


Since work began, The Giust Gallery has been #3 on Google for a top, highly competitive keyword, consistently #1 for slightly less competitive keywords, and page 1 for several highly competitive keywords. They are #1 for dozens of relevant long-tail keywords.

A recent analytics report for search traffic shows some great improvements in traffic and engagement.

web analytics report example


Moving forward, we will continue to refine the on-site SEO, traffic and conversions, while working towards a massive back-linking effort to improve off-site SEO.

A report of NON-brand search traffic showed dramatic improvement within days of launching the new website, as we are pulling in hundreds of “long-tail” searches now.  As you can see, NON-search traffic doubled and continues to grow.

Expressions Music Academy


I was at first called in to do an on-site SEO for Expressions Music.  Their website had already been built, but they were not ranking well in Google, and needed some outside help.


My tactic was to give them a cost effective SEO package that would get them results fast, and allow them to track those results moving forward.  Services provided included;

  • Keyword Research
  • Weekly Search Rankings Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Full On-site SEO
  • Custom goal tracking and custom reporting in Google Analytics
  • Local search implementations.
  • Provided list of recommendations for the future, with a check in after 90 days, and will perform any necessary updates.


I completed this work in less than one week, and here’s what they had to say:

“I am absolutely amazed at how helpful you have been.  And I have to tell you, we are just now starting to get calls from people who “found us on Google”.  We keep good records of how people found us, and Google has very rarely been the answer…until now!  Just last night we got a call from a mom who is enrolling her 4 kids in music lessons with us – and she found us on Google!  I am quite sure this is going to change our business dramatically.” -Jessica

When I checked in with them a few months later, things still seemed to be going well:

“We have been enrolling an average of 2 new students per week.  Calls have been coming in at a very consistent pace for the past 6 weeks or so – most of them finding us on Google.” -Jessica

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